AI and Animation: How can AI assist in animated video creation?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI as we all know it, is making a huge impact on the digital world by offering a number of useful tools that can help make creative work more efficient. In the world of animation, AI is used to create more lifelike facial expressions, natural body movements or realistic laws of physics when it comes to animated environments. 

AI helps heighten the viewer’s experience thanks to animations that closely mirror reality. And that’s not all. Artificial intelligence is constantly stretching the boundaries of what’s possible and it never ceases to surprise with the possibilities it adds to the digital world. 

Increasing numbers of software companies are implementing their own solutions for using AI to make the entire creation process as efficient as possible and to empower creators to come up with content that continually pushes the boundaries of creativity that little bit further. 

Nowadays, AI can create 3D characters, generate still images or video content, let alone create the animation itself, all in a matter of minutes. 

Animated characters

AI has elevated character animation to new heights. The sheer fact that AI can copy real movements and easily transform them into animated characters is nothing short of incredible. As a result, the characters achieve a realism like never before. This tool is particularly useful in video games and animated films or videos because it results in fluid movements and near-perfect output at a very low cost. 

Facial expressions

One word – details. All it takes is the slightest movement on the face and the emotion takes on a completely different edge. AI helps with perfecting just the right expression – whether it’s an emotion, an eyebrow movement or a wink. And what about lip sync? We don’t even need to talk about that. Artificial intelligence can do it all. And it’s those correct emotions that make the viewer more empathetic to the video. And what more could you ask for than recognizable and memorable video content that stays in the viewer’s mind long after they’ve finished watching it?

Motion animation

Animation is not just about the movement of the characters and their expressions. Often the surrounding environment is the most important aspect of the video. AI brings timeless solutions to physical movements, making each object move within only the most natural of realms. Are we talking about the rippling surface of water? The movement of treetops in the wind? Of smoke billowing over the roofs of houses? Whatever it is, artificial intelligence tools are capable of creating movement that makes you doubt whether it’s actually an animation at all. 

Concepts and storyboarding

We already know that AI can handle complicated animation tasks. However, at the start of any good animation is a well-crafted storyboard. And you guessed right – AI algorithms can handle that too. AI can generate both ideas and visuals for entire scenes based on a written script. The storyboard is an important element because it gives you an idea of what direction the video will take and what the viewer will see on the screen.

Voice over

A computer-generated voice that is indistinguishable from the real thing? And, what’s more, in any language. With the right AI tool, creators can work with intonation, adjust the speed of the spoken word, and create a voice recording that exactly matches the customer’s wishes and requirements. 


It’s incredible to see what tools creators already have at their disposal to take their art to new levels. The world is becoming increasingly fast-paced, and the constant evolution of technology encourages the most cost-effective work possible. AI is certainly not at the end of its road when it comes to its capabilities, and its development still has much to impress us with. So let’s wait and see what else artificial intelligence will bring to the world of art – and especially to the world of animation. 



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