Animation trends of 2024 – what can we expect?

We all know that we are living in an increasingly fast-paced world. And when it comes to trends, it’s often impossible to catch up. There are always new gadgets to discover, new groundbreaking ideas to explore, or even the return of older trends under the tag “new retro”. Everything is constantly changing and if you want to stay on top of the creative industry iceberg, you need to follow these trends. These times favour those who are well prepared, and even more so those who are innovative and identify trends before they even see the light of day. 

There’s always something new happening in the video industry. The first animated cartoons, which created the illusion of movement, or the 3D animation of Toy Story, which sparked a wave of amazement and excitement about new techniques and possibilities, now act as the main foundation, but once upon a time they were the novel ideas that paved the way for the video industry. This field is constantly evolving and now we will look at what to expect from video animation in 2024. What trends will dominate the industry? What will we revisit, what is staying and what will be new? 


3D animations have been growing steadily since their beginnings in the 1970s. They are in great demand despite being more expensive than 2D animations. Their main advantage is the visuals, which, thanks to their 3-dimensional aspect ratio, transport the viewer directly into the centre of the action. After all, 3D is much more similar to the real world, in which motion also takes place in 3 dimensions. 

In the perfect 3D animation, great emphasis is placed on the characters themselves. They must perfectly mirror the movements of real people, and let’s be honest – we humans are never motionless. We breathe, we blink, we make little movements that we’re not even aware of. It’s also thanks to that level of detail and sophistication that 3D animations are growing in demand – they get the viewer fired up and evoke the right emotions. So this is the first trend to keep up with in 2024.

Glitch effect

An effect that looks a bit like a mistake? Yes, that’s what we want in 2024. Glitch is not new and has been used for years, but this year it is going to be in high demand. 

It has a modern feel and while it doesn’t suit every type of animation, there are certain products and services that are simply crying out for it. 

What makes it unique? Often used for content on social media, the glitch adds a little spice to an otherwise ordinary video. Its essence is to create the impression of a signal reception error. The image and colours are momentarily disrupted and a modern video captivates many a viewer is born. 


The more interesting the video, the more attention it will get. With morphing, the animation is as fluid as possible. Objects change into others in a continuous transition and camera movements reveal a new continuation of the scene, often with surprising content. This method of animation is modern, pleasing to the eye and, last but not least, it leaves the viewer in silent awe of a visual masterpiece. 

Animated collage

Photos and images incorporated into an animated piece? That must be both interesting and unique. If you’re not a fan of simple illustrations and plain animation and you want to incorporate some of your digital content into your video, this kind of animation is definitely for you. 

This is the animation we produced for the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation. The dynamics are incredible, even if we do say so ourselves… 


The world of creativity never ceases to amaze. After all, there are no limits. Artists are always striving to surpass what is already familiar, and thanks to this, the industry is constantly moving forward. The year 2024 will be full of interesting effects and animations, and alongside the trends mentioned above, grain effects and the popular liquid motion will also feature in the mix. In any case, there is much to look forward to and this year will be full of surprising and exciting animated works. 



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