The power of advertising videos

Did you know that video content is the most popular form of content on the web? For some, this is familiar information… for others, completely new… One thing is for sure – there is no real doubt about the power of video marketing. Let’s take a look together at the power of video advertising.

Give people what they want

How do I engage my target audience? How do I promote myself to stand out from the competition? Is there a type of ad that people would like to see? Have you ever asked yourself similar questions? Many companies struggle with how to promote their products and services in a non-boring way.

Give people what they enjoy most. Surveys show that in 2021, 85% of consumers expect and want more videos from companies. Give them what they want, evoke emotions and connect them with your product or service. Don´t adhere to the idea that you can’t come up with an interesting promotion of your product. It doesn’t matter if you are selling real estate, dried fruits, motorcycles or you are a non-profit organization. Emotion and wit go well with both choppers and dried apples.

TV commercials

Surely you heard stuff like… “Nobody’s watching TV anymore.” “Ads are annoying.” “The commercials on TV are outdated, everything is going online now.” …or you know the joke “… I’m watching the commercials and they suddenly interrupt them with a movie…”

Believe it or not, TV ads still have the biggest impact. More than 60% of incremental traffic comes from TV advertising campaigns. Although it may seem to us that we do not pay our full attention to TV adverts, we unconsciously perceive them. We usually remember the visual, colour, sound or other elements. And with frequent repetition, the product is stored in our subconscious, even if we do not know about it.

TV advertising is however not cheap. But if you have to budget go for it. Unleash your imagination. After all, TV advertising consists of video ads. It can be played or animated.


Advertising videos online

We have already said that TV advertising still has the biggest impact of all media. So what about online video ads? Do we need them? Yes, definitely! The biggest advantage of online video ads is their precise targeting. You can create personalized content, which means you can target relevant audiences with your video ads. In addition, online video ads cost much lower than advertising on other media. You can run it multiple times, use longer and shorter versions, target different social networks, etc. Another great advantage is that from the online ad, the consumer can get to the product and find out more about it in just one click, which speeds up their purchasing decisions.

A successful online ad has great potential for success on television. This is because online ads are more creative, more interesting, and use a different flow of information – all the relevant info is shown in the first seconds. Such ads catch our attention, even if we use them in television campaigns.




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