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Guiding users through a certain process or procedure, or simply explaining something to them can be a long way to go that will take you a lot of energy and time. This is one of the reasons why short video tutorials and educational videos are increasingly coming to the fore today. Their amazing benefit is that in a few minutes you can present an incredible amount of information, and viewers can stop the video at any time or return to a specific part.

We must also not forget that you will save a lot of time this way because once the video is created, the information will spread itself without your effort.

What Are Educational Videos?

Educational videos are creative videos aimed at teaching someone something. They bring many benefits – for you and also for consumers. You get a resource that you can use for a long time, which marks an effective investment. On the other hand, your target customers or employees will get exactly what they are looking for and need.

Such videos and tutorials are clear, often accompanied by voice or text. This saves the customer the time they would otherwise spend searching for information, and you increase the value of your product, service, or positive company image. As the customer got exactly what they needed, you saved them a lot of time and brought them a solution.


Who? What? For Whom?

Educational videos are suitable for a company that wants to educate its target audience in some area. Videos can be processed in several ways – either as screen recordings or as instructional videos, which can be created as animated videos or using real people. The topics covered in the videos are also diverse – such as health, exercise, complex product or process presentation, employee training in various fields, technology, webspace, software use, and others.

How to Make Good Educational Videos

To make your educational video effective, you need to answer the following questions:

  • What do we want to say? What is the purpose of the video?
  • Who do we want to reach? Who do we want to teach? Who is your target audience?
  • How do we want to say it? What video style do we want? Do we want an animated video, or do we use real people?
  • What language will we use? Will we use a spoken word, a text guide, or a combination of both?

It is really important that your video is clear and easy to understand. Explain and show. Do not be afraid to engage your creativity to create memorable content. Use various graphic elements, infographics, or real examples.

What Educational Video Is the Right for You?

Screencast Educational Video

This video type is sought after when consumers become familiar with the software. They want to know more about it. What it looks like, how it works, … It is often the case that consumers search for these videos themselves before purchasing new software to find their way around and learn how to use the software more effectively. Likewise, consumers prefer products that have more educational materials, despite higher costs.


3D Visualization & Virtual Reality

The most common use of this form of production can be found in manufacture and employee training. The advantage of 3D production is that it can work with real equipment models and simulate the conditions that new employees may encounter in their jobs. It is then much easier for them to actively engage in everyday operations.


Execution of similar videos can be more time-consuming and financially demanding, but on the other hand, companies can save on various training programs and/or production downtime for training purposes. All this is now possible in a virtual environment! Employees will be able to learn about machine errors, maintenance, and machine internal workings, in a fun and interactive way, which is much easier to remember, without any impact on the operation of the company.

Animated Videos

Universal videos that can explain everything cheerfully and playfully. They are mainly used in products and services that are difficult to link with a real video, or for explanation purposes of abstract processes, for instance in economic or medical areas.


Live-Action Videos

Live-action videos using real people are an ideal way if you need to explain and show a certain process in a real space, for instance, cooking, housework, etc. And to make such an educational video more attractive and authentic, you can also combine it with illustrative elements.




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