User engagement – Everything you need to know

Are you wondering what are the secrets of the brands which make them grow? Or what helps to retain regular customers and attract new ones? Multiple answers come to mind – great product, good user relations, superb communication, etc.

So, let’s take a closer look at user engagement through video content. Because if this point works really well for you, it’s literally a gold mine. User engagement means how users actually interact with your brand, how they use your products and what value they gain.

So how do you increase the interaction between your brand and your customers? Use videos! Why? Because …

… sufficient information = reduction of withdrawals

Users need information from the first contact with your brand. If you have an app, you know that if customers don’t understand it, they will uninstall it immediately. They don’t want and won’t waste time to look for what they can find with your competition, for example.

Video is an ideal tool for raising awareness and thus user interaction. Users remember more than 95% of the information obtained through video. By inserting an explainer video on the homepage of your website or a skippable tutorial into your app, you significantly increase the value of the product and the brand itself.


… satisfied customers = long-term customers

In addition to attracting new users, one of your main goals should be to keep existing ones. Show them that you care about them, take care of them. In addition to quality products, you also provide first-class customer care.

.. hmm, but why the video? Because video is the top searched content on the internet! It attracts, it touches all the senses, it is dynamic and creative. So yes, you can take care of your customers with video, too – you answer their questions, entertain them or educate them. For example, show them the types and tricks of how they can use your product or app as effectively as possible.


What types of videos increase user engagement?

There are several ways you can increase user engagement.

First contact with the customer

Introduce your product, show its features, explain what to expect from it. Discover the personality of your brand and let users build a relationship with it right from the start.


“How to …” videos

“How do I do this?” Don’t let your customers worry about your products. Increase their satisfaction and loyalty with simple video instructions that show them in detail exactly what to do and how to do it.


Demo videos

Demonstrate your product, show and educate your audience. Video is the best way to clearly take the user through all the features. This type of video is suitable for software or app, for example.


Concluding thoughts

So what should you do? Be sure to provide as much information as possible, demonstrate … simply make life easier for your customers. They will repay you for this with their loyalty and purchasing decisions.



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