4 Ways To Build Emotional Engagement

Nowadays, it is crucial to build as close a relationship with customers as possible. In essence, you need to get to know them and allow them to get to know you. And what is a more effective way of achieving this than by evoking emotions? After all, they are what makes occasions stick in our memories for a long time. It stands to reason that evoking a positive or very strong emotion will guarantee that the viewer will later associate your brand with it, meaning you will remain in their subconscious for – well, let’s just say, for a very long time.

There’s probably no need to go on about the fact that videos are the most effective way to present yourself. After all, an image is much easier for the brain to process than a long lecture or text. Let’s instead look at how you can bring the right emotion to a video.

Emotional engagement

Emotional engagement, or emotional involvement, is an important factor in any marketing activity – especially in the current age of social networks, shortened attention spans and the huge over-saturation of the market with advertising. The name already implies that it’s about emotions – many emotions. It’s an imaginary battle to win and keep people’s attention, and companies are racing to see which one can stir up more emotions – the stronger, the better. 

In video marketing, this is doubly true, simply because videos offer every means that can be used to evoke every possible emotion. But how do you get all those emotions into a video? 

An important topic

It is worth mentioning that the choice of the target group is also important. This is how you can easily select topic. If you’re already an established brand or company, you probably don’t have much input on the topic, as the content will most likely be filled with your business activity, product or company story. 

This is where the right choice of target group comes in – who is your most frequent customer? Who are you trying to speak to with your product or service? 

There are also various global themes that can be implemented if a company decides to embark on a new path – for example, a green one. In this case, your video can focus precisely on this theme. And thanks to this, you can also target groups interested in the environment. 


Music itself is a very powerful tool for evoking emotions. We all know how it works – it can bring back memories, give us chills and much more. What about in combination with video? In particular, a video that focuses on a specific emotion – excitement, happiness, sadness, fear? All this combined with the right music creates a simply irresistible combination. 


Incorporating interesting and engaging visuals, not just in a video, is a magical element. Not only can you create metaphors and connect your brand to the abstract, but you can also retell an entire story without the need for dialogue, voice-over or a text to read. Simply put, there is no limit to creativity here and an artistic undertone is always welcome. In this case, however, the focus should be on making sure that everyone understands your metaphor and is able to interpret it correctly.


They’ve always been the centre of attention. The right combination of colours can really enhance sensations. You will notice that when you look at rich and vibrant colours you feel cheerful, but when you see a palette of pale, earthy colours, those feelings are obscured by a fine mist of sadness. And here comes your challenge – don’t underestimate your palette. Choose carefully what you want to work with so that your video doesn’t miss a trick. 


Don’t be afraid to delve into uncharted waters and try to look beyond formalities when creating your video. Nowadays, the real connection with your customers or clients comes through emotions. Don’t be afraid to uncover them.



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