The importance of storytelling in video marketing

In a market that is heavily oversaturated with advertising, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract potential customers. Consumers of advertising are becoming more demanding, not only in terms of content, but also with regards to the quality of the offered products or services themselves. So, how do you make your advertising generate as much interest as possible and appeal to virtually everyone? The answer is simple – video storytelling.

Stories, stories and more stories. They’ve been present in our lives since childhood and, as humans, we’ve always been drawn to them. We would fall asleep to them, watch them on TV or simply spend time sharing them with each other.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to come up with a whole new fairy tale or write a novel in order to represent your brand. Simply tell your brand’s story – connect the product or service to everyday life and present the problem and solution in a creative way. 

So let’s take a look at what storytelling is, why it’s important and what you can gain from it. 

What is storytelling?

Storytelling is a means by which a brand can build a strong customer base, as well as create a long-lasting bond with the audience. These days, customers are looking for something they can relate to, something that appeals to them, aligns with their values and attitudes. Brand storytelling, for example, presents the vision of a brand. It provides the reason for its creation, connects it with customers, constantly communicates with them and provides them with various information, including behind-the-scenes production. Storytelling is an entire strategy that spans across social media and the website, all the way to offline brand advertising. 

We already know from our previous blogs that there are many ways to advertise, and we also know that video is the most effective – so there is no reason to hesitate here. Retelling a story with an animated video is simply a “must” when wanting to reach an audience. 

Why is storytelling important? 

In a vast ocean of marketing information and complex words, the answer to this question is very simple – emotions. Your customers are driven by them. Nowadays, we have endless choices – what to eat, drink, what to wear, what phone to have or simply where to spend our free time. The main factors that help us decide are our emotions and our values. That’s why it’s important to capture your brand or product story in the most compelling way possible and give your target audience a reason to choose you. 

The benefits of video storytelling


Through video, you’ll be able to use a variety of tools to help you break through the walls of even the most elusive customer. Colours, voice, music, movements, and in fact the whole animation can be perfectly tailored to your vision. The advantage of animated videos is that there are almost no limits to creativity, so your video can encompass whatever you want it to encompass. 

Minorities and complex topics

Today’s generation tends to take an interest in heavier topics or stories that have not yet been told. It’s been proven that as many as 70% of Gen Z consumers tend to gravitate towards brands that represent equality, diversity and are very open-minded.

What we see here is that storytelling does not necessarily have to be about fictional stories, princesses and dragons. Instead, it’s the rooting of storytelling in reality and real experiences that gets people interested.

Stand out

As we mentioned earlier, the current marketing landscape is full of buzzwords, rotating the same ideas, expressions, phrases over and over again… Unfortunately, customers know this and they don’t need to see an ad twice to know if it really reflects the true brand identity or if it is just another empty promise.

Therefore, the more human you are and the more sincere and positive energy your brand presents to the world, the more your customers will simply adore you. 


You no longer have to worry about explaining the whole principle of your product or all the reasons why your brand is the right choice – videos will help you with that. Through videos, you can present complex topics more easily because you have something vital at your disposal – the moving image and the spoken word. 

Naturally, video storytelling has a million other benefits, enough to fill a book with. But one thing is clear – it’s important and extremely effective. Imagine what it would feel like if people really  heard your story. Wouldn’t that have an unprecedented effect on your brand? Wouldn’t you feel pride in the fact that people are able to easily understand your vision, all the while having fun, watching a creative video? 



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