IG reels vs. TikTok

Short-form videos took over the internet like a storm. Anyone remember Vine? The original short-form video service, allowing its users to post 6-second loop videos, shut down due to its inability to meet market’s needs. That’s when TikTok entered the scene becoming a serious competition for platforms like Instagram. In 2020 the app changed social networking and became the most downloaded app. Short-form videos in their bite-sized nature perfectly matched the decreased human attention span and made it even shorter. Marketers learned to capture viewers’ attention in seconds to keep them on the hook. To keep them scrolling, learning, purchasing…


App was originally called Musical.ly and focused primarily on lip syncing. The entertainment nature of the app still persists, however, now, the users can get more creative creating different types of videos. Platform has quickly grown into a major competitor of other social media networks forcing them to assimilate their tools. In August, 2020 Instagram released Reels, which became the most successful version. 

TikTok gained sympathy thanks to its unpolished content. Content types appearing on TikTok give brands the opportunity to spread very native ads while implementing their products or services into a day to day life. The app offers in-app music, fast edits and the ability to voice-over the video quickly.

The video length extended from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Along with other features, this app allows you to duet a video of another creator, live-stream, use TikTok sounds or reply to another existing video. Brands can use the app’s unique nature and create hashtag challenges, run ads or partner up with influential creators.

IG reels

Instagram is an app with a long history and is one of the most used social networking platforms. Since its release, the app has changed a lot. Throughout the years it introduced DMs, IG stories, carousels, IG TV and much more. There’s no doubt this app is very popular among content consumers, content creators and marketers.

However, with the introduction of TikTok it had to change the game a bit and adapt its features according to its rising competition – and that’s how IG reels were born. This tool offers similar features to those of TikTok. Brands used cross-postng which was then immediately regulated by IG algorithm which deprioritized any videos with TikTok watermark. 

Nowadays, reels are IG’s most popular feature. Even though they are very similar to TikTok, reels can be used as an extension of an already existing IG account. They are also prioritized in “for you page” and gain more audience interactions.


Both of these platforms supported the rise of vertical videos which are specifically designed for smartphone users. But what about the audience?

TikTok is widely used by younger people, meaning Gen Z will be primarily your audience. Also the content is different and is more fun, natural, comedy and represents a true daily life. However Instagram also has an audience mostly consisting of Gen Z but this platform is nothing unknown to Millennials as well. The content is more polished, eye-pleasing and creators devote lots of energy to their aesthetics. However this doesn’t mean other generations do not use these platforms, their presence just isn’t that significant.

The choice of the platform you’ll want to use depends on the way you’d like to communicate your brand’s message and which audience you’d like to target.

Have fun creating successful content and building your own loyal community.



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